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The universe is interconnected in more ways than we can imagine. For instance, did you know there is a connection between the flowers in your backyard and spiral galaxies? Well, the link is that they all tend to conform to Fibonacci patterns.

The Fibonacci pattern can be seen occurring naturally throughout many facets of nature. This can include trees, storms, seashells, galaxies, petals, and even some parts of our bodies such as ears and hands. It has to do with the fact that the same set of rules governs the universe. Quite fascinating nonetheless, right? Now, here is something even more intriguing. Did you know that there is a connection between blockchain technology and the universe as we know it today?

Think about it for a moment. Blockchain technology is about recording data sets in an immutable way. This means even a hundred years from now, one can look at the information recorded on the blockchain, and it will always be the same way. This is one of the aspects to blockchain technology that makes it so powerful and has seen the value of cryptocurrencies grow exponentially over the years.

You probably already know what blockchain is all about. But for the sake of clarity, blockchain can be referred to as a distributed ledger that allows faster processing of transactions and coordination among millions of devices. Essentially, it interconnects devices to allow the processing of many transactions. Also, it makes it easier to track and verify these transactions.

So, what is the connection between this tech and the universe? Well, just like blockchain, the universe records events in permanence, and as it expands, all these events are recorded forever. That’s why telescopes are able to look back in time and capture the very first moments of space and time, in what is commonly referred to as the big bang.

In terms of permanence, or what you call immutability, the universe is pretty much immutable. That’s because no one can alter the light that reaches us from the past. For instance, while we can look at a star-forming billion of years ago, no one can change that moment in time.

Additionally, there is no more perfect example than the universe and everything in it in terms of interconnection and coordination. By everything, this means everything. People are interconnected; systems, institutions, animals, and even the basic structure of your car shows so much interconnection and coordination. This is because, just like blockchain technology, the universe is simply a combination of many interconnected pieces.

The words ‘block’ and ‘chain’ combine to form a blockchain, but not in the literal sense of the words. When it comes to this technology, blocks are the pieces of information, such as money and transaction history, while the chain is the database that stores the information. The first block is called the Genesis block, and every new block is linked to the former one.

Furthermore, each block has a hash, which is basically like a fingerprint, and whenever a block is interfered with, the hash changes. It makes it nearly impossible to tamper with data since all blocks contain hashes of the previous blocks. Thus, if a hacker can change data in block one, the hash automatically changes, and since all its succeeding blocks had the old hash, they are rendered invalid.

What if somehow, if travelling back in time was possible, someone changed the school you went to or the area you lived in. Do you think the sequence of events would follow in the same way they had? Hardly. Consequently, once a single block in blockchain technology is altered, the blocks that all follow are illegitimate since they still contain the old (initial) hash.

The concept is reflected in the big bang theory, in that universe began as a hot dense, point in space that gradually gave birth to the solar system, which continued to expand. The steps in the process cannot be changed, and if possible, would not only alter that specific step but the entire sequence and outcome.

It is important to note that not just the universe shows a correlation to blockchain technology. There are a lot of other things that correlate with this tech. Even religion has a lot of relationship to this world-changing tech.

For instance, most religions’ idea of the origins of humanity starts at a single point and grow outwards from that point. For instance, Christian belief is that humanity started with Adam and Eve, then spread out from there, pretty much like how blockchains start then grow. The same goes for pretty much all religions.

Let us take the example of the Bible. The first book of the Bible, Genesis, entails the story of Adam and Eve, mostly and how God created the earth. This book is unique in itself since it contains distinct stories that explain the beginning. Similarly, the first block on blockchain technology is called the Genesis block and has a hash, kind of like a fingerprint, that identifies it and all of its information.

Just like a fingerprint, every block has its unique hash. If the book of Genesis were to be altered, this would also change the sequence of events that follow, rendering the books that succeed it invalid. Hence, the Bible is so much like blockchain technology in that it is immutable and expands through a chain of events that have led us to the present state, just like the big bang theory.

Even more interesting is that bioscience follows the same idea. Think evolution. The idea behind evolution is that all life can be traced to a single abiotic cell. From that cell, all life forms came to exist and continue to grow. It’s in such a way that scientists are able to go back in time and trace the points where life forms split from each other until they get back to the mother of it all.

Moreover, the concept of blockchain can also be seen in our lives. In other words, how events in our lives can form a chain that cannot be reversed or altered. There are some things we do or that happen which change the course of our lives significantly.

Lizzy is one person who could personally confirm this reality. Her life was perfect and seemed to be heading in the right direction when she joined NYU back in 2014. It was her long-life dream, and everyone in our neighbourhood knew about it and were so proud of her.

However, just like blockchain, events succeed in a chain that cannot be reversed or altered. Lizzy got into a feud with another student, which resulted in a physical fight and the eventual shove that left the then 20yr old student brain dead. She was arrested and sentenced to 15yrs in prison.

Lizzy then ended up committing even more crimes while in prison, where she was accused of the murder of a fellow inmate and is still undergoing trial. She would have served seven years and would be eligible for release sometime around 2022, but with her ongoing murder case, she is likely to spend the rest of her life in prison.

It is strange how one event can steer your life in a whole different direction than was prospected. Lizzy was the pride of her family. She was supposed to do great things in life. But this one block created a chain of events that would ruin her life and keep her locked up. An irreversible block that cannot be altered in any way.

This one-block grew and expanded into an unimaginable state. If at all that moment in her life could possibly be altered, then the succeeding events would never have happened. Lizzy would probably have her own apartment and family by now or living a happy life of her choosing.

The decisions and choices we make at every stage of our lives connect to form one specific outcome: our life in general. These choices and events interconnect and are like pieces of a puzzle that help us understand why we are where we are in life. Also, they keep growing.

It’s actually crazy how so much about life as we know it today is reflective of blockchain technology. Maybe it’s life itself telling us something — that blockchain is here to stay. It could also explain why despite the opposition this tech faces from the status quo, it just keeps thriving. China, for instance, has banned cryptos for the GA-zillionth time now, yet the tech keeps on growing and getting better.

Maybe it’s because you can’t ban reality as captured in time. Just like you can’t reverse the big bang or the origins of humanity, you simply can’t get rid of data stored in the blockchain. It’s just what it is!

This is actually a good thing for investors in cryptocurrencies. That’s because, as this market expands, opposition from governments will only get bigger. The reason is simple. This is a technology that is threatening the banking system as structured today.

For context, if Bitcoin were to be adopted globally as money, it would take power away from the central banking system. It would also pretty much undermine the power of the state in controlling money. That’s a good enough reason for governments to try and find ways to control the tech.

However, like the universe, no one can stop blockchain tech or cryptocurrencies. This is a huge confidence boost for anyone invested in this tech at the moment. That’s because like the universe, or life as we know it as described by both evolution and religion, it will keep growing. One can postulate that the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is pretty much infinite as the universe.

That said, it is important to remember that even in complex systems such as the universe, and the evolution of life, there are things that come to an end. Everything is chaotic. That’s why over millions of years, some species have died off, stars die all the time, and new ones are born.

Applying the same to blockchain tech, it is evident that this is a jungle. While the space in itself has been expanding, a lot of projects have died out. New hugely successful ones have also been born. In the process, fortunes have been made and lost in equal measure.

If nature is anything to go by, then the best way to invest in this market is to always go for the strongest projects. These have the best chances of surviving the chaos that characterizes this market and thrives.

The big question is, how do you tell the best in an endless sea of cryptocurrencies? That’s where good old financial logic comes into the equation. The project you are investing in should have a good and large enough use case. This pretty much guarantees that people will be using such crypto no matter how rough things get in the process of growth.

You should also consider the total supply. In the investing world, the lower the supply, the better. Quite logical considering that price is a function of demand and supply. The less of something good there is, the more people want, and the higher its price goes. That’s why Bitcoin has been so successful so far. It’s so scarce that some even believe its market cap could overtake that of gold in the future.

All this is possible because of blockchain technology, which is not only used in cryptocurrency but has also been applied in the health sector, by the government, and in the retail industry, among many others. The primary purpose is to ensure the safety of records by prohibiting interference, which is the main strength of blockchain technology.

If one block is changed, its hash changes and invalidates all subsequent blocks since they have the initial hash. Similarly, if one step of evolution were to be altered, then the modifications that followed would never have happened. Then what if Lizzy did not get into that fight? The chain of events that had followed would be non-existent.

Satoshi was the first person to leverage the potential of blockchain in the year 2008. Blockchain commenced its purpose with cryptocurrency but is being used in diverse applications today. Satoshi was the brilliant mind that discovered this concept and released a whitepaper about the same in 2009. It all went well, and today blockchain has a different set of applications, usage, and popularity.

The alchemists in ancient times were in search of some language to communicate with God. They directed their search in various directions and attained the utmost success in finding the language of God. You can relate this quest for language to the programming or coding knowledge of today.

As God crafted the world and sent humans to streamline things around the globe, humans took the mantle and worked on it. Earlier, the Alchemists needed a source of communication with God to know their purpose in life. But now, as humans are aware of their purpose, they want to leverage their Godly language, ‘coding,’ to bring the technological boom to this world.

And Satoshi Nakamoto did find the language of the modern technological God and used it to make blockchain out of it. Blockchain is the God, and programming is the language to connect with it. Satoshi and the programmers are the modern alchemists! The Alchemists found words, phrases, and a language to connect with God. But the programmers found codes to unlock the bigger technological power.

Hence, this is what explains the search for an important language. A language has always been important to connect a powerful entity and a smart entity. In the case of Satoshi Nakamoto, he was the smartest one, while blockchain technology was the powerful entity. With just a few codes, big power was unleashed!

The concept has been around in history for so long. But it took a bit of time for Satoshi and humankind to recognize it!

Even Satoshi Nakamoto wouldn’t have thought about it while introducing this technology. These are the links that connect to the rise of the universe, mankind, and the search for a mode of communication. Everything is vibrant and clear today, and that is because everything that you witness is neither ancient nor modern. It always exists in the present! It is just people who don’t realize the worth of what they experience. Blockchain is currently the most adapted technology of them all. And soon, it will expand its geographical footprint to more industries.



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