ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 2)

Today we are continuing our journey through Decentralized Applications (DApps) built on the ICON network. In our previous article, we presented overviews of some DApps built on ICON. We covered Blue Whale, weBloc, SOMESING, VELIC, and ZenSports. In this article, we continue with 3 more DApps.

6. MECA Coin / MECA Casino

MECA Casino is a decentralized and trusted online casino platform who will solve the main problem of online casino space: the absence of transparency. Most current online gambling platforms are centralized, resulting in a lack of trust of the players in online gambling casinos. With MECA Casino, users will be able to verify completeness, game odds, distribution of player winnings, and accuracy through the MECA Chain.

In April 2019, MECA Casino acquired an online gambling license after a thorough due diligence process, investigating the fairness of the MECA Casino platform.

MECA Casino will launch integrated MECA Casino services, including MECA City in the 4th quarter of 2019.


STAYGE One is a specially designed blockchain platform for the entertainment industry. STAYGE One rewards the contribution of fans with cryptocurrency (tokens). Fans can support their favorite artists by buying albums, tickets, diverse material, and more with the reward tokens. Artists and service providers can in turn partner with motivated fans to further develop their businesses.

STAYGE One currently has 3 services:

STAYGE.net. With STAYGE.net you can make your own community of the favorite artist, influencers, games, and more. STAYGE rewards you with ACT token for your activities, such as comment, post shares, and referrals to new members in the fan communities.

K-Pop Speed Quiz. With K-Pop Speed Quiz you can make your own quiz about various K-Pop Artists, share your scores with other fans, and play a ranked mode to see how much you know about the K-Pop Artists compared to other fans.

Presented. Presented is a global online shopping mall specialized for K-Pop & K-Culture related goods where your product can be presented by K-pop artists and influencers, increasing customer engagement.


Cosmochain designed a beauty ecosystem based on blockchain, connecting companies in the beauty sector with customers willing to share their opinions on cosmetics.

The platform has two components: ‘Cosmochain Community’ for customers and ‘Cosmochain Solutions’ for companies.

5 main characteristics of the Cosmochain platform are:

  • Social media as a community. Users can freely upload or view content. Other users can vote, write comments, or repost in their personal page. Content creators and customers who consume content receive rewards for their effort.
  • Participating in company sponsored projects. Companies can initiate sponsored projects to collect data, hold surveys, or present tests. After successful execution of a project, participating individuals will receive rewards.
  • Commerce features for shopping (Marketplace). The Cosmochain platform offers Marketplace, where participating companies can sell their products. When a transaction is made, payment is made by Cosmo Power, and companies can either convert this into Cosmo Coin (Token) and then into cash (fiat money) or use Cosmo Power freely within the Cosmochain platform. Customers can use cash and/or Cosmo Power to buy and companies receive cash and Cosmo Power combined.
  • Data submission. Personal dermatology and cosmetics information is provided by participating clients, who in turn receive a preset amount of Cosmo Power whenever businesses are provided access to the customer’s uploaded data.
  • Personal account management including Cosmo Coin / Cosmo Power conversion, and provision of platform information. Customers can convert / exchange tokens used on the Cosmochain platform, buy Cosmo Coin, read FAQs, and refer to any other helpful data in this section.

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