ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 3)

Today we are continuing our journey through Decentralized Applications (DApps) built on the ICON network. In our previous articles (ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 1) and ICON Decentralized Applications (Part 2) ), we presented overviews of several DApps built on ICON. We covered Blue Whale, weBloc, SOMESING, VELIC, ZenSports, MECA Coin / MECA Casino, STAYGE One and COSMOCHAIN. In this article, we continue with 3 more DApps: LogisticsX, DISCOVER X, and Airbloc.

9. LogisticsX

The decentralized platform of LogisticsX seeks to transform the last mile shipping ecosystem. Their strategy is to accomplish this by implementing worldwide logistics norms using smart contracts to improve traceability, transparency, and reduce friction among all stakeholders in logistics. LogisticsX provides traceable and verifiable last-mile logistics among multiple third-party logistics players and includes the use of flexible workers to complete the final delivery steps. LogisticsX optimizes the connection between worldwide e-commerce distributors and logistics businesses with Parker Points, which efficiently decreases the number of parcels missed. LogisticsX works on a dual currency principle consisting of ParcelPoints, which can only be used within the LogisticsX platform (the SideChain), and PNP tokens, as the publicly tradable coin. ParcelPoints serves as a neutral credit used to reward parkers and runners, produced upon receipt of parcels, and burned to PNP upon redemption by holders. Stakeholders can participate in LogisticsX as an Operational Crypto-Fiat Exchange to provide an easy way to cash out their income to fiat, where LogisticsX will conduct the conversion of ParcelPoint to PNP to Fiat.

A Proof-of-Stake system will be used to ensure the trustworthiness of new delivery participants. In order to improve their parcel handling capacity on LogisticsX, each participant will need to deposit a certain quantity of PNP into a smart contract. As their reputation improves (determined by the number of successfully delivered parcels in a given time window), the participant will decrease the amount of PNP required to stake. If there are problems with any deliveries of parcels, they will forfeit their staked PNP and degrade their reputation.


DISCOVER X aims to create a whole new online travel sector using decentralized blockchain technology will build a community for all respondents, including hotels, travel vendors and tourists, recipients.

Booking.com and Expedia’s have for years monopolized the online travel agency sector through aggressive marketing and advertising. This has led to a substantial increase in travel cost amounting to 15% to 25% of the commission. Discover X will modify these inefficient practices by eliminating the high fees of intermediaries through the use of smart contracts. Additionally, DISCOVER X will compensate content creators/curators and other travel stakeholders through a sustainable and circular token economy. Discover X’s circular token economy consists of the following 4 essential components:

- Discovereum (DCU): token used for operating the token pool and cryptocurrency exchange trading

- Discovereum Cash (DCC): stable virtual currency used to purchase travel products directly on the marketplace of Discover X

- Discovereum Point (Point): used to reward community involvement of members

- Discovery Credit (Credit): used to reward the frequency of contributions made by the participants to the communities

11. Airbloc

Airbloc aims to allow users to monetize their information. It does this legally and in a GPRR compliant manner. The Airbloc Protocol redefines the collection, monetization, and use of information. It aims to promote more transparent information flows between information holders, information suppliers and information users by using blockchain technology and token economics. The Airbloc SDK can easily be integrated into existing apps. This SDK enables a simple authentication process for collecting information and utilizing Airbloc services.

Ultimately, Airbloc seeks to restore information ownership to data owners, provide apps with instruments to legitimately collect and monetize information, and enable information consumers to buy explicitly agreed upon information with an auditable source of provenance for their business intelligence, research, and targeted marketing purposes.

To this end, a fully auditable information supply chain will be developed by Airbloc Protocol through an interconnected user, application, and enterprise-oriented services.

Airbloc intends to construct a token ecosystem that encourages different stakeholders to maintain and develop the information ecosystem of Airbloc.

Participants in the ecosystem who provide and process information in Airbloc earn a share of the information’s generated income. The data privacy and data access of information holders are protected by Airbloc’s proprietary “Privacy Shield” technology, which encrypts, anonymizes, and secures private information, even if the information is traded on a government blockchain.

More and more ICON DApps are in development as you read these lines and a good example is ICONs Got Talent 2019, competition in which more than 21 applications were developed. More details in our article:

Who are the candidates for ICONs Got Talent 2019?

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Ubik Capital is a Proof-of-Stake service provider, validator, and investor.

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Ubik Capital

Ubik Capital is a Proof-of-Stake service provider, validator, and investor.