Sentinel goes live to offer decentralized virtual private networks

Leveraging the blockchain to disrupt the VPN industry

Advantages of using a dVPN

  • Provable end-to-end encryption between an internet user and the server that they seek to access information from. A dVPN would achieve this via open-source transparency and application verification integrity systems.
  • Proof of bandwidth. A dVPN would have a bandwidth provability system, which would ensure server providers over the right bandwidth for the agreed compensation in a provable and trustless way.
  • Proof of no logs. A dVPN would offer evidence that application developers do not collect any information, regarding an internet user’s browsing activities or data history.
  • Distributed exit nodes. A dVPN would feature a robust network of exit nodes owned by distributed users that don’t know the identities of internet users.
  • Distributed relay network. This feature would help minimize the threats of malicious characters and ensure internet users remain anonymous to exit node hosts.

Addressing challenges that might inhibit adoption

Providing reliable payment methods



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