Step-by-step guide on how to stake ROSE on the Oasis Network using your Ledger Nano S.

Learn how to stake ROSE, the native token of the Oasis Network, in this step-by-step guide. We are using the Anthem together with Ledger Nano S in this guide.

Anthem is created by Chorus One. Anthem enables ROSE holders to transfer and delegate their tokens to earn staking rewards to initially earn up to 20% APY

At the moment of writing this article, Anthem supports 2 options to sing in your wallet and stake, namely:

· Using Address

· Using Ledger

This guide will focus on Staking ROSE by using Ledger Nano S. We highly suggest using hardware wallets for your staking operations especially if you are holding a decent amount of ROSE.

Staking your ROSE via the Anthem wallet with Ledger Nano S involves three main steps:

1. Installing the Oasis App on Ledger Nano S

2. Signing in your ledger to Anthem

3. Staking

Step 1: Installing the OASIS App on Ledger Nano S

Make sure to install the Ledger Live before you get started. You can download the application in their website.

  1. Once you’ve successfully installed the application, open it. Input your password and go to settings.

2. Once you are in settings go to “Experimental Features.”

3. Once you are in Experimental Features find Developer mode then enable it by clicking on the button.

4. Once developer mode is enabled go to “Manager

5. Once you’re in Manager, search “Oasis” in the searchbar.

6. You should see Oasis below then click “Install.”

7. Once it’s done installing, you should see “Installed.” If you see it, then you are ready for the next step.

At the moment of writing the latest version of Oasis application is v1.8.1. If you have an older version make sure to update it to the latest version.

Step 2: Signing in your Ledger in Anthem

Once you are done with Step 1, go to Chorus One | Anthem

  1. Click on “Sign in” on the lower left on the homepage.

2. You will be given 2 options to sign in. Click on “Sign in with Ledger

3. Before we go to the next step, select “Oasis” in your Ledger Nano S by clicking both buttons simultaneously. It should say “Pending Ledger review” click both buttons again until you see “Oasis Ready

4. Once the ledger is setup, we can continue on Anthem. Select “Oasis”.

5. A pop-up will come and select any device listed or it would show “Nano S” then select “Connect.”

6. Now you are ready to for the next step which is staking, you can fund your wallet by getting your address on the bottom left. Note: You need to have 100 ROSE in order to stake

Step 3: Staking

Once you have your wallet address funded, then you are ready to stake.

  1. On your dashboard click on “Stake”.

2. Select a validator using the drop down or search it. Then input the amount of ROSE you want to stake. Then select “Generate My Transaction.Note: You need to have 100 ROSE in order to stake

3. Next select “Sign Transaction.

4. You need to check your ledger and approve the transaction.

5. Once confirmed on your ledger it will take a few minutes to confirm your transaction and once it’s done it will show you this. Congratulations! You are now a staker of ROSE.

Staking is complete. At the time we are writing this, you can enjoy your ROSE rewards with an inflation of 20% per year.

Bonus Info:

-Staking multiple accounts to different validators is a step towards stake decentralization and further increase the network security.

-If you have problems with connection your ledger to Anthem in step 2, do this:

1. Go to chrome://flags

2. Enable “Experimental Web Platform Features” and disable “Enable new USB backend

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