UBIK Capital ICON P-Rep Candidate Overview

UBIK CAPITAL is a team of people who are passionate about ICON and want to be a part of the extraordinary ICON ecosystem. We have 40+ years of experience in software development, program management, and system operations. We want to do our part to serve the ICON community through outreach, technical development, and of course, running a resilient ICON node!

UBIK Capital is a community-focused P-Rep team. We have a multi-tiered approach to focus on technical development, ICON business expansion, marketing, content, and education, as well the economics of ICX. We care about ICX price, as near-term price stability is essential to long-term growth and success. Please view our proposal to see what we have done and will do, if elected.

We have big plans to help the ICON ecosystem, be a voice for our voters in Governance, and help stabilize the price and increase value. Why trust us? Voters should be active and aware of the P-Reps they vote for. Actions speak louder than words, and we have shown our commitment through our actions to date. We have contributed to the ICON ecosystem in many different areas already. We have invested our own finances and time into the ICON ecosystem. These are listed below:

1. Our DApp Breadcrmb was selected as a final winner in ICON’s Got Talent!

Our DApp Breadcrmb was selected as a final winner in ICON’s Got Talent! Thanks for your support of our team and DApp!

Congratulations to the other 5 winners. We are excited to further improve Breadcrmb and look forward to continuing to serve the ICON community as a P-Rep!

Breadcrmb is a mobile DApp built on iOS. Many apps today store your location data and location check-ins on a 3rd party server, selling your data to advertisers. A large number of individuals continue to use these apps due to limited alternatives. We believe individuals should own their own data and that’s why we created Breadcrmb. With Breadcrmb, users can check-in at locations around the world and own their own data! All of the user data is stored locally on their phone, only leaving to securely upload it to the ICON Blockchain, using the user’s own password-protected keys generated securely using Official ICON SDKs. Thus, users own their data, no one else! By uploading their data to the blockchain, it is obscured by the key and not directly tied to the user, their phone number, or your device. Users can interact with the data using their ICON keys in a secure manner. Lastly, by using the ICON network, users can rest assured that their data will not be tampered with and will be accessible anytime from now and into the future! If enough people stop giving their location data away freely to 3rd parties and take control of their data, we envision an environment in which users could actually sell their data to advertisers in the future, should they wish to do so.

2. Partnership with Aero Systems West (ASW)

Aero Systems West (ASW) has partnered with UBIK Capital to increase the safety and security of commercial drone operations utilizing the cutting-edge ICON blockchain. “The immutability and provenance of drone data stored on a blockchain have huge potential to improve commercial drone operations,” said Ron Marconet, COO of ASW.

ASW specializes in professional-grade heavy-lift drone systems. An ASW drone recently made history by completing the first drone package delivery in Antigua. This test included the fully-autonomous delivery of a defibrillator over a distance of 2 miles and was completed by Drone Delivery Systems in partnership with UN Ops, Antigua Computer Technology (ACT), the Government of Antigua.

Professional drones operate with little room for error and ICON offers high speed and low latency necessary for commercial operations. UBIK Capital team member Russell Shirey has worked with ASW previously, enabling the teams to move forward rapidly. UBIK Capital will provide resources to assist in software development and ICON infrastructure, while ASW will provide drone software, hardware, and flight testing support. ASW COO Ron Marconet will join the UBIK Capital team to directly assist in the integration of the two teams.

Initially, the teams will develop technologies to explore drone data sharing, safety, reliability, and tracking improvements. The teams will rapidly prototype, develop, ground test, and then flight test these new technologies, exploring the feasibility of ICON blockchain technology with drone operations.

3. Our team has published over 20 articles full of original content

Articles with over 15,000 views in 3 months

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4. Our team has participated in 3 ICON videos

ICONists, for ICONists: Chatting with ICONation — Ep. 5 — Interview w Russell from Ubik Capital


ICONists, For ICONists, “The Democratic Chronicles: With Corey Costa”


ICONSENSUS P-Rep Panel Discussion — Round 2


5. We have successfully participated in and continue to participate in all official ICON TestNets

We have successfully operated in both ICON TestNets 1 and 2, operating multiple nodes across the world (USA and Europe) with different providers.

We are currently operating multiple nodes in TestNet 3, the final rehearsal before Mainnet operations.

6. We have created a site for aiding in staking: provided information about staking, staking instructions, and FAQs.


7. Created a portal for both developers and non-developers to submit DApp ideas and work with our team to help bring these ideas to life at


8. Rewarding Loyalty (Longer Staking)

We believe ICX price matters and have been and will continue to push for long-term staking incentives. Through our efforts, this topic has received a lot of attention and is favorably looked upon by many ICONists and P-Rep teams alike. We will continue to push and implement this into IISS, pending ICON Governance approval.

9. Community Engagement

Countless hours of communication with ICONists to ensure we hear the thoughts of the community and understand their stance on different topics. We have spent this time engaging, listening, and also helping ICONists with providing information on different topics.

Our team has a lot planned if we are elected as P-Rep. We have plans in ICON Dapp Development, ICON Tool Development, ICON Business Partnerships, Marketing, Education, IISS Enhancements areas to build the icon ecosystem. This is outlined in our proposal and will be made into defined schedules and milestones once we understand what our rewards will be and can properly set up our schedules and budget.

We have aggressive plans, and ICONists may ask why should they believe we will produce. This is valid and why we highlighted our efforts over the past several months to build confidence in our team and our future plans.

If you have any questions please contact us: contact@ubik.capital or follow us on Twitter: @ubikcapital or on Telegram channel: ubikcapital