Who are the candidates for ICONs Got Talent 2019?

Following the ICON Transaction challenge, ICON held one final contest, called ICON’s Got Talent. The purpose of this contest is to identify the top 6 Decentralized Applications (DApps). A diversified group of 10 judges will evaluate projects based on the evaluation criteria and 6 teams with the highest average score will be selected as final winners

Who are the judges?
ICON Members
Jonghyup Kim (ICONLOOP CEO)
Yongjoon Chung (ICONLOOP Head of Business Development)
Jaechang Namgoong (ICONLOOP Core Developer)
Justin Hsiao (ICON Core Community Member)
Daeki Lee (ICX Station : San Francisco)
Minkoo Kim (ICX Station : Tokyo)
Hyun Oh (ICX Station : Seoul)
Crypto Funds
Steven Chen (Noris: San Francisco)
Ken Kitahara (B Cryptos: Tokyo)
Yi Ming Ng (Tribe: Singapore)

The evaluation criteria is based on:
Value to end users (30%)
Good use of blockchain (30%)
Creativity (15%)
UI/UX (15%)
Popularity (10%)

Come and vote on Reddit for the most interesting applications in the competition:

  1. Breadcrmb

Breadcrmb is a mobile DApp built on iOS. Many apps today store your location data and location check-ins on a 3rd party server, selling your data to advertisers. A large number of individuals continue to use these apps due to limited alternatives. We believe individuals should own their own data and that’s why we created Breadcrmb. With Breadcrmb, users can check-in at locations around the world and own their own data! All of the user data is stored locally on their phone, only leaving to securely upload it to the ICON Blockchain, using the user’s own password protected keys generated securely using Official ICON SDKs. Thus, users own their data, no one else! By uploading their data to the blockchain, it is obscured by the key and not directly tied to the user, their phone number, or your device. Users can interact with the data using their ICON keys in a secure manner. Lastly, by using the ICON network, users can rest assured that their data will not be tampered with and will be accessible anytime from now and into the future! If enough people stop giving their location data away freely to 3rd parties and take control of their data, we envision an environment in which users could actually sell their data to advertisers in the future, should they wish to do so.


2. Certiv

The problem that Certiv solves stems from the transformations that the world of education is undergoing today. We are in the context of a skills revolution, it is becoming very difficult to differentiate individuals and highlight their diversities. We are convinced that the value of a profile lies in all the experiences lived during its learning: an internship, a personal or collective initiative, a developed soft skill… These are so many elements that are difficult to identify with a simple diploma. As a result, 45% of employers surveyed say they are unable to find the profiles they need. These are all missed opportunities for collaboration that we want to create with Certiv.


3. Tokenize Your Future!

Tokenize your future profit! Get investment with your future value! Invest other people’s future! Make profit and support them at the same time!

Tokenize your company’s future profit! Get investment at the very beginning! Recruit and reward employees with company’s token immediately! Motivate employees to work harder with inevitable reward evidence!

Make your own contract and register in blockchain, then we will generate your own token and send to you. Using our service, people can generate and manage their token easier than ever!



The Arctic Seascape team is proud to present BLOCKLORDS LITE, a new concept strategy game created for the ICON network based on the very first blockchain grand strategy game, BLOCKLORDS. We hope you enjoy the game!

BLOCKLORDS LITE is a game we developed to explore new battle mechanics for BLOCKLORDS. It is a multiplayer PVP game played in rounds of 3 players. Each player starts off with one city and 3 units. Units can move around the map based on their stamina points. Moving one tile will consume 1 Stamina Point, and attacking will consume 2 points. When a unit runs out of HP, it will die and respawn 10 seconds later. When a city runs out of HP, it will be captured by the attacker. The player who captures both enemy cities will win the game and can then claim the reward.


5. ICONbet

ICONbet.io is the first DAO on ICON. For the first 500 days, ICONbet team gives 1,000,000 TAP Tokens to players per day based on how much they play compared to other players. TAP tokens represent ownership in the DAO platform. There are 625,000,000 TAP tokens, so the team gives out 80% of tokens over 500 days.

TAP tokens will provide access to ICX earnings and voting rights of the DAO. The House starts with 250,000 ICX. Anything House makes above its 250K ICX treasury balance will be distributed to TAP token holders. TAP Token holders will also have an equal share of house treasury (~250,000 ICX to start) if TAP token holders vote to kill the game. Killing the game is the first DAO voting feature we incorporated.


6. Battle Bomb Royale

Battle Bomb Royale is one of the first game of its kind running entirely on ICON : it is multiplayer, it works in real-time thanks to the super-fast block time of ICON (2 seconds). You can earn ICX by playing it while having fun !

The goal of this game is super simple : Be the last man standing ! If you win, you can claim your prize directly in ICX.


7. ICON-DELTA: decentralized exchange on ICON

ICON-DELTA is Decentralized Exchange on ICON Network that allows users to buy and sell tokens without third-party. The main characteristic of ICON-DELTA is that you can exchange asset existent on the ICON Network safely without any additional fee. Every trade is proceeding on a blockchain which keeps an asset more safely and transparently.

To giving trader pleasant, secure and censorship-resistant trading experience, ICON-DELTA uses both centralized server and blockchain (i.e. ICON Network). non-critical components such as order books are managed by a centralized server, and actual trading, deposit action proceeds on the blockchain which makes trading more secure and censorship-resistant.


8. ICX Games

Service Description : Global Online Arcade for ICON Blockchain (Jackpot , Dice, etc)


9. KitchenCall

KitchenCall is a D-App developed for mobile internet browser use. Today, there are literally hundreds of applications deployed on daily basis but there are only handful of Oauth applications which seek user convenience.

Key features of KitchenCall are “Order Delivery, Pick-up Reservation, and Delivery Reservation.”

“Order Delivery” is a service that orders food immediately.

“Pick-up Reservation” means making a reservation ahead and then picking up prepared food at the store.

For “Delivery Reservation” allows you to order food in your office and then receive your order by the time you arrive at home.

Nearest stores/markets will be listed, sorted by the distance, as you update your address in MyPage.


10. JUBJUB — your Fun Cafe guide in JEJU Island

JUBJUB is a fun app like the Pokemon Go — you can find and visit cafes in JEJU Island where you can JUBJUB weBloc tokens (WOK) by checking in the cafes. JUBJUB is a Korean expression meaning “pick-up” — weBloc wants you to pick-up WOK tokens by visiting cafes while you are having a fun trip in JEJU Island and take a break. At the moment, JUBJUB has only two functions — users can either JUBJUB or Throw WOK tokens — so that both users can get and use WOK tokens. When cafes are satisfying, users can Throw WOK tokens in the air — as a form of airdrop — for other users to come and get extra WOK tokens.


11. BLOC8

BLOC8 is not another coin to buy & dump. It’s a real world solution to change the world! BLOC8 is a product built on the ICON platform to find missing people. Although vulnerable members of our society are more likely to go missing it can happen to anyone. Just think how your loved ones will feel if you simply disappear.


12. Block Insight

Insight protocol creates an ecosystem in which users can share their app revenues and be rewarded for information consumption.

Blockinsight, the first DApp of Insight Protocol, is a blockchain specialized news & information app.

Blockinsight supports both Android and iPhone. It is an app that helps both users and the project by putting blockchain news, offline events(Meetup, Conference) and airdrops on the app.Recently, It has been updated to allow receive WOK (weBloc token). User can mine WOK as well as INX in Blockinsight app. It is not just an information-delivery app, but it is growing as a representative app for the icon network.


13. First stamp

If you go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee, you can get a stamp. When you collect the stamp, you can drink a cup of coffee for free. This simple system is very common in cafes in Korea. However, most of them use paper coupons for stamp, most of them use paper coupons for stamp. And customers must keep paper coupons stamped. First Stamp app can solve the disadvantage.


14. IconStory Online: Avant-garde twitter journal

IconStory Online is a service where each user contributes a word to the daily journal to try and make a cohesive sentence and the result is posted on the official twitter account @IconstoryOnline.

My motivation was to drive the community away from all the greedy services such as betting and gambling 🎰 apps and to push more novel designer quality apps 🎨 that are healthier to the community.

Adding a new word costs 0 ICX and is added without any whitespace (truncated to 16 character, 1 word). Replacing an existing word costs at least 1 ICX. Also every time the word gets replaced, the value goes up 10%. The previous owner of the word receives the profits. The physical size of the word reflects how valuable that word is.



PAY WOK is the first step toward a decentralized advertising ecosystem designed by our vision for the advertising market such as “Participation”, “Reward”, and “Expansion”.

PAY WOK is very similar to other rewards apps except that it gives out cryptocurrency as a reward instead of fiat money and it records every user’s action such as user’s advertising participation and rewards on the ICON Tracker.

As a service provider, we believe that it is most important to attract users who are not in the blockchain industry yet and lock them in to expand our ecosystem.

In order to do this, we think that the service should be made easy and simple to use and the tokens users would earn by participating in ads should be meaningful.

PAY WOK users feel comfortable to use the service since it does look like any of the previous rewards apps. Users are only needed to install and/or register the advertiser’s services to participate in and earn tokens.

And, PAY WOK users can send earned tokens to their ICONex wallet if they earned the specified amount or more. We plan to add in-app service to let users buy products such as gift cards, coffee, etc. at discounted value with tokens.


16. Cryptoking

You roll for items and upgrade them to get the best possible item set that keeps you on the throne. If the current king gets toppled and somebody achieves a higher item level than him then the timer resets. If the timer runs out, the successful king can have his earnings paid out at the top left corner menu the same way as players payout their normal dividends. The king pot is fed by item purchases and item upgrades. A recent addition to the game mechanic is that I enabled the attack/defend options. For zero ICX transactions, you can knock a player’s HP down by one. Only players above 0 HP can get the king pot when the timer finishes, otherwise it restarts!


17. iconovel

This is a d-app that writes a novel.
Writers can get good and sponsorship.
You can prove it by writing it in the blockchain.


18. LogisticsX

LogisticsX aims to utilize blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform that will transform last-mile logistics. We envision that the trustless nature of our platform will provide the foundation for a harmonized ecosystem, between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process such as the third-party logistics companies, e-commerce retailers, logistics couriers and end recipients.


19. DiceRoll.win !!

Provably fair dice game with an attractive interface. Unlike non-blockchain online casinos, with DiceRoll, there is complete transparency. You can verify the code used to calculate your bet result and see the transaction using the blockchain explorer.


20. ICON Wish Board

ICON Wish Board provides posting feature for Iconists to permanently record their wishes on blockchain and to get a reward. Of course, you can record any funny things or any things you want to say to icon community.


21. STAYGE.net

STAYGE.net is a fan community based on blockchain technology. Fans can create fan communities of what they love. Fans can make their own community of the favorite artist, influencers, games and more. STAYGE reward fans for their activities such as comment, post share, new member invite in the fan communities with ACT token.

With rewarded ACT, fans can enjoy a variety of apps in the community, buy items online or get discounts!

*Through STAYGE.net, with K-Pop Speed Quiz App, we have made one of the largest transaction in June.

K-Pop Speed Quiz is an app for the K-pop fans to make their own quiz about the various K-Pop Artists. Fans can unlock new quizzes with friends and compete with other fans. The users can share their scores with other fans and play Rank mode to see how much they know about the K-Pop Artists.

Fans also get rewards for all the activities to play more quizzes.


What is your favorite DApp? Tell us on Twitter or Telegram @ubikcapital

If you have any questions please contact us: contact@ubik.capital or follow us on Twitter: @ubikcapital or on Telegram channel: ubikcapital



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